The following are payable after signing the contract:

Type of Unit Occupation
Right (1)
Fee (2)
Fee (3)
Vat 15%
Share Price Total
1 Room South R56,400 R37,600 R100 R5,655 R1 R99,756
Room North R62,550 R41,700 R100 R6,270 R1 R110,621
Room South R139,000 R92,700 R100 R13,920 R1 R245,721
2 Room North R160,000 R106,700 R100 R16,020 R1 R282,821
3 Room South R219,000 R146,000 R100 R21,915 R1 R387,016
3 Room North R248,000 R165,400 R100 R24,825 R1 R438,326
Suite 2 Room South R120,000 R80,000 R100 R12,015 R1 R212,116
Suite 2 Room North R134,000 R89,400 R100 R13,425 R1 R236,926
Suite 3 Room ABC R250,000 R167,000 R100 R25,065 R1 R442,166

Some rooms are available to rent.


  • Nursing: Emergency care by medical staff
  • Medical Care : R10,700 (full-care) / R5,570 (half-care) / R3,750 (quarter-care) per person monthly, plus monthly levies
  • Meals: Three times per day served in the dining room included in the monthly levy
  • Cleaning services: All units and public areas included in the monthly levy

The monthly tariffs for the above-mentioned services are as follow: (Effective date: 01-03-2021)

* 1 person in 1 room R8,140
* 2 persons in 1 room R13,060
* 1 person in 2 rooms R11,350 * 2 persons in 2 rooms R16,050
* 1 person in 3 rooms R14,660 * 2 persons in 3 rooms R19,300
  * 3 persons in 3 rooms R23,540

Rental Option

  • 1-Room units (South) at R2,890 per month plus levy. 
  • Deposit (refundable) = R12,000
  • Undercover parking is available at R160 per month.
  • Maintenance work done to private property will be charged at the time spent and parts used.
  • Room service is available at a cost per tray, if not on the medical levy.
  • Telephone rental per month = R65 plus phone call costs